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How do I check my email?

You can check your email in a number of ways. If you have already set up an email account from within cPanel you can check your emails via an email client on your computer or mobile device, or via webmail.


Webmail gives you a convenient tool to check your email from any internet enabled computer.To access webmail you can go to http://YOURDOMAIN.com/webmail (replacing the 'yourdomain' with your own); to login just enter your email address and email password. You will then be given the opportunity to select which webmail client you would like to use based on your personal preferences, select one and you will be taken to your emails.


You can also configure an email client such as Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Your emails will then be downloaded right to your computer. cPanel gives you a convenient way to set up your email client automatically, this option can be found under the Mail section of cPanel.


If you are in any doubt or would like assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.

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